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slow growing marijuana

Slow growing marijuana

A weed plant needs the correct balance of nutrients for it to grow properly and be healthy. If anything, err of the side of too little nutrients—it’s a lot harder to correct a plant with too many nutrients than to add more. Keep in mind that organic nutrients are a little more forgiving.

Look at the main stalk of the plant. Stunted growth can be a sign of roots being bound or some other root issue. If one plant is considerably smaller than others or if you’ve been growing it for a while and it seems too small, it could have root issues.

Many issues can arise when growing weed: discoloration of leaves is usually a sign of nutrient deficiency; tiny spots or webbing can mean a bug infestation; stunted growth can be a root problem.

Overwatering cannabis plants

Look for and remove dead or yellowing leaves, and weak or withering branches. If plants are flowering, look for bud rot and mold.

But many problems can arise when growing cannabis, both indoors and outdoors. Bad weather, bugs, nutrient deficiencies, improper watering, and many other issues can pop up.

Too many nutrients

Check your cannabis plants regularly for issues. A good time to do this is when pruning, because you’ll be up close and personal with your plants.

Inspect under fan leaves, as that’s where some bugs live—such as spider mites—and check where the stalk comes out of the soil, as some bugs live there too—in particular, root aphids.

Slow growing marijuana

The waiting is the hardest part. That’s not just a fantastic lyric from the late Tom Petty, singing about sexual frustration. Marijuana growers have similar frustration when it comes to how fast their plants grow.

Pathogenic root diseases such as fusarium and root rot, along with root-eating pests such as fungus gnats and root aphids, also cause slow growth.

Inferior hydroponic nutrients pollute the marijuana root zone and don’t contain the right amounts, ratios and types of nutritional elements your plants need. They may also skew root zone pH out of the narrow 5.7-6.3 range it should be in, making it hard if not impossible for your marijuana plants to absorb nutrition.