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small indoor marijuana grow

Small indoor marijuana grow

Of course, if you can’t be bothered to read this entire guide, check out . They have a complete marijuana grow kit designed to make the weed farming life easy for you. Get started immediately, and if you get lost during your grow, email the stellar support team for a helping hand at [email protected] .

However, many people don’t understand the difference between autoflowering cannabis and photoperiod cannabis , aka regular flowering cannabis. Understanding these two options makes a big difference when selecting a 1st time strain based on how easy it is to grow. For beginners, we love autoflowers !

Steps to Growing Your Own Pot

By far, the easiest and cheapest plant to grow for beginner growers is autoflowering cannabis . It comes from the species Cannabis ruderalis . This type of cannabis flowers, as the name suggests, automatically.

Step 1 – Pick the Best Marijuana Seeds for You

Once the cannabis plant is a few feet tall, or about 30 days after she pops out of the dirt, she starts her flowering cycle. Autoflowering cannabis is typically ready to harvest in 80 days from seed— regardless of her light schedule. This means the autoflowering cannabis growing season is year-round! Autoflowering cannabis seamlessly integrates into your home and plant family. Make it easy on yourself and go this route.

A grow room might be as small as a closet or as big as a barn. No matter the size of your grow room setup, you want to pamper your plants for maximum growth and strength.

You can buy all the parts necessary for a drip system individually and assemble them yourself, but drip irrigation kits offer an easier and more economical option. They give you everything you need and can be assembled in as little as a few hours. By adding an automatic timer, you can even ensure your plants regular watering when you are away.

Grow Room Tips for Cannabis Growing

Pot plants need plenty of sun to grow too. But indoors they will be shielded from Old Sol. To substitute for the sun, a wide choice of grow lights is available on the market, making it easy to meet your growing needs and your budget.

Watering Cannabis

You will also want to be sure to provide your plants just the right amount of fertilizer. Many commercial fertilizers specifically formulated for cannabis are on the market. You can also mix your own with fertilizers high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If you do have a drip system set up, fertilizer injectors will help you as well.

Small indoor marijuana grow

Training techniques such as LST (low stress training) and supercropping (extreme bending) are especially handy if you need to change your overall plant form or reduce the height.

1.) Genetics

Decent sized buds for the compact size

These autoflowering plants were all germinated at the same time and even share 4 of the same strains. The little tent had 1-gallon pots, while the bigger tent used 3-gallon pots. The smaller pot size is a big part of why the plants in the mini tent stayed so much shorter and smaller.

2.) Grow Setup

Choose a strain that naturally stays small

Light spectrum – Grow lights with more blue in the spectrum tend to keep plants short, while grow lights with more red can encourage stretching. LEDs or bulbs labeled with a spectrum of 4000k, 5000k, and 6500k are great choices with plenty of blue to keep plants short.

I grew these plants in the same waist-high grow tent, but this time using a T5 fluorescent light. A T5 is another great choice for small spaces since they can be kept just inches away from plants. The downside is they produce more heat than LEDs. If you’re struggling with cold (for example growing a tiny garden in a garage or basement), fluorescent lights can help keep plants warm. If you want to minimize heat, LEDs are the way to go.

Quick Summary (how to keep plants small without sacrificing yields)

Certain strains like this Black Jack Auto naturally stay small, while still producing great yields! Keep reading for dozens of more examples.

A good time to top a plant is when it has about 6 sets of leaves