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snowball seeds

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Snowball seeds

Water: Moderate

GROW GUIDE PESTS: Practice 2–4 year crop rotations between all Brassicaceae species. Insect pressure on fall-harvested brassicas is typically not as heavy as on spring crops. Encourage beneficial insect activity for suppression of aphids, and/or control aphid outbreaks with insecticidal soap. Control cabbage worms and loopers with Bt (Bacillus thuringienthus), available commercially as Dipel. Floating row covers used from the day of planting will protect from heavy flea beetle damage on spring crops. Maintain a pH between 7.0–7.2 for suppression of Club Root (Plasmodiophora brassicae).

Seed Origin: Open Pollinated

Quick Facts

Plant Spacing: 16–18 inches

Plant Size: 20–26 inch plants, 6–7 inch heads

Hardiness: Hardy Biennial

This early variety has robust, self wrapping, erect leaves that offer good protection. The heads are an ivory color, with excellent flavor.