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snownado seeds

Snownado seeds

Moments later, there is no sign of the extreme sports fanatic as the snownado continues to whirl about the slope.

A snowboarder ended up engulfed by an extraordinarily rare ‘snownado’ as he hit the slopes in Canada.

The snownado was spotted on the snow-covered slopes of Lake Louise, Alberta in Canada

The bizarre phenomenon occurred on mountains above Lake Louise, Alberta in Western Canada.

The bizarre moment a snowboarder is engulfed by an extraordinarily rare ‘snownado’

The fearless snowboarder aimed straight for the center, barely even flinching as he whisked on through.

The daring snowboarder decided to aim straight for the center of the swirling mass of snow

Snow and ice appeared to be whipped up into a column of air as it swirled about on the mountainside.

Published: 17:01 GMT, 10 April 2017 | Updated: 20:41 GMT, 10 April 2017

Snownados are formed when a mass of cold air passes over a warmer surface, heated by sunlight. Wind shear then causes the rising air to spin.

Snownado seeds

Such a sad picture

Leeks, asparagus, peppers (sweet and hot), and some tomato seeds have been sown – and are starting to germinate. We’ll move them to our grow-lights shortly and start the next round of plants after that.

Come on – you got to laugh. Or cry. I laughed and thankfully, so did Vanessa. After the storm, this was a cake-walk. And with our neighbors help, we hardly had any snow to shovel anyhow. It was a breeze (a gale-force breeze, mind you, but a breeze nonetheless).

Yep. With all the wall and ceiling finishes removed from the second floor – and with the 100 km/h wind and snow – and with more shingles blown off, well….