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somango seeds

Somango seeds

Our Somango comes from a crossing of Somango x Somango. We have selected the most productive and fruity specimens, always seeking to ensure the exotic flavor offered by this strain.

Somango is a strain that has a high THC percentage which causes a long-lasting effect. This fast stimulating effect is more cerebral than physical. This strain is ideal to focus on certain tasks, eliminate stress and relax.

It is a fast-flowering strain that will be ready to harvest in 8 or 9 weeks. It produces high quality dense resin covered flowers that can be used by extraction lovers to obtain a unique flavored hashish.

The most characteristic feature of Somango is its taste, which is extremely sweet and fruity. It has an unmistakable touch to mango with strawberry notes.

It is a tall, branched and robust plant. It produces very resinous spongy aromatic buds. As the flowering period progresses its leaves acquire purple and reddish tones that become accentuated at low temperatures.

Somango seeds

Outdoors this plant can grow a lot. It is fast branching, reaching normally between 1.80 and 2 meters high. It is very important to make a good tutorship because of its large size.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to grow it in greenhouses.

Discover the incredible Somango seeds. This variety, created in the Soma farm, is the perfect cross with the Somango and has received a multitude of awards. This CBD genetics is a hybrid where the indica part predominates. Furthermore, it is very resistant to different types of pests and diseases. This variety has a pleasant aroma of Mango with sweet touches that you will surely love. It is also very relaxing, especially if we talk about its extracts.

The Somango maintains a perfect balance between THC and CBD. It is especially resinous, covering the leaves near the flower. This is why it is ideal for the elaboration of extractions.


It has very good growth in indoor crops. Here’s a tip: if earthworm humus is added to the substrate we get a spectacular plant. It is characterized by separated internodes and big flowers full of trichomes with aromas of mango.

Its internodes are very separated and its branching is spectacular. By making some branches not very strong, problems could arise to support the flowers.