Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Ever had a successful harvest and want to store your cannabis seeds so that you can grow them next year? Here are some tips for storing the cannabis seeds you have gathered from your plants.

Keep them dry: The best storage method is keeping the seeds in an airtight container with plenty of room at the top, and then putting it in a dark place like a drawer or cabinet. If there’s not enough space, put some rice on top of your seed packets first before sealing them up.

Storing in fridge/freezer: You can also store your seed packets in the freezer or refrigerator if they’re exposed to light often (like when stored on top of other items). Doing this will slow down the germination process.

If you are going to store them in the fridge, make sure they’re stored in a sealed container with lots of space at the top and bottom for air circulation. If storing seeds in your freezer, place them on one of those flat plastic trays that comes inside some cookie boxes (this will help minimize contact with both condensations from freezing water droplets as well as any other food items).

This is where many people go wrong- their grow room is too hot so they store seeds in the fridge. The problem is that once they go back to their grow room, it’s too hot and dry for them to germinate properly.

If you’re storing your cannabis seeds in a ziplock baggie or other container, make sure there are holes on either end of the sealed package. This will help with air circulation during growth cycles as well as prevent mold from growing inside (just like when you keep mushrooms).

If you don’t want to keep your precious stash out where anyone can see it- then store it somewhere cool and dry, like a dresser drawer or closet shelf. Remember: never put any kind of seed packets near anything with condensation from freezing water droplets!

Don’t go to the refrigerator and pull out a big jar of cannabis seeds like you would with any other food product.

Always store your cannabis seeds in an airtight container, preferably opaque so that no light can really penetrate them (light is its worst enemy). If possible, try not to put them too close together because this will hasten their decomposition process.

If you’re going on vacation for more than two or three weeks- make sure to bring your stash with you! That way they won’t get destroyed when temperatures fluctuate from extreme heat to cold weather while you’re gone.

Keep your seed packets as dry as possible by keeping them away from places where there are sources of humidity such as bathrooms or near dishwashers.

Don’t store your seeds in the fridge or freezer because this will lead to moisture condensation which can ruin them! If you have a lot of leftover seeds, invest in an airtight container that’s frost-free for freezing so they don’t get damaged when temperatures change!

It’s important to keep all cannabis products away from any animals and children (except supervised) because it is still psychoactive and poisonous if ingested too much. Make sure not to leave any unattended weed lying around where curious critters might find it!