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sour kush seeds

Winner of 3rd Prize Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2009

Being from Southern California we had to bring something killer to our catalogue. The last 4 years have been Chem, OG, ECSD and Headband these strains are all related and in the next year we will be bringing you all of these unique Medicinal Strains. The HeadBand/SOUR KUSH has a great yield and the high is completely medical and not too over-powering. Finding a keeper mother is easy in a pack of 6 and cloning this plant is easy, rooting in 8-10 days. Growing fast in vegetative stage and spreading out wide to produce many tops and an even canopy will make you a happy gardener!

Sour Kush Regular Seeds by DNA Genetics has some fine genetics. These marijuana seeds are a good yielding strain which offer excellent value for money.

The smell is Sour Lemony Fuel and produces heavy resin early. This original cross is not the 707 or any other clone only “Headband” this cross was made by reversing the OG Kush to pollinate the Sour Diesel. This strain has the taste, yield and is easy to grow. The makers of champions with all the confusion between the clone only HeadBand and ours we have decided to exclusively call this strain SOUR KUSH.

Sour kush seeds

Indoor growers see impressive results that will average them between 400 to 600 grams per square meter when they choose to use the sea of green as their preferred method of growing. Outdoor growers see impressive results as well that average 400-600 grams per plant with even a newbie producing 40 – 140 grams or more from one of these lovely ladies. Of cours,e being that these Sour Kush cannabis seeds are regular cannabis seeds you will have to sex your plants picking out the males from the females after germination.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.

With THC percentages coming in at a potent 22% Sour Kush regular cannabis seeds from Ice Headshop may be just the thing you’re cannabis seed collection needs to be on fire and on point! Don’t have a collection of swag bag seeds, get the seeds you desire by ordering all of your cannabis seeds from the trusted reliable online source for cannabis genetics, the one and only Ice Headshop!

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We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!

Sour kush seeds

Sour Kush aroma and flavor are very intense – deep fuel aroma will flood the house and your palate, bringing acid tones with sweet details (complex flavor to infatuate the most sybarite smokers).

Sour Kush is one of the new American strains in Gea Seeds catalogue, excellent genetics from Sour Diesel clone and top Candy Kush – indica strain, with vigorous growth and branched structure.

In about nine weeks from photo period change, Sour Kush buds getting ready to be cropped – for more ripened buds, better wait till the tenth week, so they will be totally covered by resin and hard as rocks: more than 600g/sq m when proper growing, and best results in warm climate with abundant sun.

About its effects, its therapeutic properties are highlighting, very beneficial for patients fighting against chronic pain, anxiety or stress – ideal marijuana for home relax, enjoying placid relaxing feelings.