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sour tropicana seeds

Sour tropicana seeds

Alchimia presents Sour Tropicanna x Larry OG by Tramuntana Seeds, a strain now available in limited edition in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue.

Sour Tropicanna x Larry OG, marijuana with a citric and sour flavour with OG Kush background

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Sour Tropicanna’s parentage combines the Sativa leaning, Sour Diesel v2 (ECSD x NYCD) to our Indica dominant Tropicanna Cookies. The resulting cross is a beautiful match of sour lime, orange and cookie dough flavors. Vigorous and vibrant are what comes to mind when thinking of this plant. The more sour phenotypes will go much longer in flower and will have an extreme stretch early on but will reward you with above average yields. The mixed parentage phenotypes will be dark purple in color and express a variety of flavors of both parents. This strain can vary in flower time from 63-75 days due to the Sativa dominant Sour mother, which is a benefit as there is literally something for every type of grower in this variety.