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sox seeds

They are headed to the postseason in back-to-back years for the first time in franchise history. There is a long way to go before they reach the ultimate goal but this is a great start. In order to win the World Series, a lot of things need to go their way but they will certainly be in the mix.

The Chicago White Sox have a chance to catch the Houston Astros in the standings.

The Astros have six games left and the White Sox have five. Houston has three games left against those pesky Tampa Bay Rays followed by the Oakland A’s who are currently playing for their lives. The White Sox have the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers who are all but out of contention.

What do the White Sox need to do in order to win these games? Well, they need to play them at full strength. A few players will rest in order to prepare for the playoffs but they need to be strategic.

Getting the 2 seed means having home field advantage in the ALDS, no small matter considering that the White Sox are below water (34–36) away from Guaranteed Rate Field. Their next 11 are on the road, where they’ll have to start playing better if they want a chance for the 2 seed. They’ve had one, two-game winning streak this month and are 3 games back of Houston, who holds the tie-breaker. Even if the Astros close the season at 8-8, the White Sox would need to go 12-4 to get the 2-seed.

First, the Astros are only 4 games back in the loss column, which means in short that the Astros have one more game (16) than the Rays. Teams that win 60% of their games want to have more games.

The Astros play Arizona this weekend, and then play 4 @ Anaheim, where Ohtani will not pitch. Meanwhile, after Detroit the Rays host Toronto, who have their scheduled rotation for that series as Berrios, Ray, and Ryu. Odds are, in the next seven days, that the lock on the 2nd seed gets tighter, and the gap between Houston and Tampa narrows. And in the final weekend, the Astros host an Oakland team that will most likely have nothing to play for, and the Rays will travel to New York where the Yankees will likely have their playoff survival in the balance.