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star child seeds

When I first contacted them about the problem I used Star Child Glastonbury's webmail where, rather stupidly, they do not have any way of attaching photos to the webmail. I was told, by a Star Child worker, in an off-hand and patronising manner that the lumps were normal and would break down. I was not prepared to accept such poor quality product, let alone feed my bunnies with it, so I sent a Gmail email with photos attached and was getting quite stressed.

Ordered various herbs from Star Child and the quality is amazing. I could smell what was inside the parcel before I had even opened it. Placed a second order straight away 🙂

Star Child Glastonbury has lost me as a customer

I recently came across Star Child online and have to say this shop is excellent! There are a great selection of products available and the process from order to delivery is very quick and efficient. I ordered some incense but there was a slight mix up with my order when it arrived. However, when I got in touch the team the level of customer service I received was second to none and the error was rectified straight away. I highly recommend Star Child- definitely 5 stars!!

I ordered 0.5 kilo dried organic marigold flowers (Not cheap.) for feeding my rabbits. About 3/4 of the weight was made up of large, hard, dry lumps where the flowers were stuck together with something that made them a darker colour than the loose flowers and petals. They came, double bagged, in large paper bag packaging which they had obviously been decanted into, so whoever sent them must have known the order was full of these lumps and just wanted to fob third rate good off onto a mail order customer.

Did not receive what I paid for and no response to emails.

I assume it was damp that had caused the lumps but had no idea about what might have made the Marigolds damp. At that point they did give me an immediate refund but there was no acknowledgement of their wrong-doing, no apology or mention of a good will gesture to compensate me for the wasted time and trouble their incompetence had caused. It was not a huge problem in the greater scheme of things but I feel humiliated that they cannot even be bothered to say sorry and I connote understand how customer service people refuse to take on board the lesson of making closure around an incident by taking responsibility and making an apology. Not very cosmic behaviour from a firm that callsa itself Star Child!

The hardest of all the butters, cocoa butter is a great alternative to beeswax with the added bonus of nutritional, emollient and moisturising properties. It’s neutral in smell and melts at body temperature so it’s ideal for making lip balms, ointments and creams. It’s also great for soaps and lotions due to its soothing and skin softening qualities.

Because trees are mint, we want more of them. So we've partnered up with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every order you make either online or in store with us.

Mmm chocolate. We all love it! Well this bad boy is right from the home of it! Cocoa butter is derived from the seeds of the cocoa fruit which is usually better known as where chocolate originates from.

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