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starting cannabis seeds in peat pellets

Starting cannabis seeds in peat pellets

Cannabis seeds lie dormant until they meet the right conditions to begin germination. In tropical conditions, cannabis seeds germinate in the warm rains of early spring. The well-drained soil of the forest floor wouldn’t be waterlogged, but it wouldn’t dry out. The ideal temperatures would be between 70°F-80°F (21°C-26°C), with 60-80% relative humidity. These spring seasonal signals tell the embryonic plant contained in the seed that conditions are right to begin its life cycles. These are the same conditions you will emulate to germinate seeds.

What makes seeds germinate?

Not really, but they need light within the first day or so of emerging from the seeds, so it’s a good idea to germinate with a light source. Light sources also help increase the temperature, helping the germination process. Sunlight, fluorescent or low powered LED grow lights are all great options.

Do cannabis seeds need light to germinate?

If you are starting with seeds, you’ll have to germinate them to get the grow started. In this chapter, you’ll learn all about the natural conditions that cannabis seeds germinate under and then we’ll show you a failsafe way to germinate your seeds.

Starting cannabis seeds in peat pellets

This is great! We were just talking about wanting to grow some of our own vegetables if possible! We live in an apartment but have room on our balcony and were thinking we could still grow some tomato plants in pots. With the rising cost of produce this seems like a smart option right now. I hadn’t thought of being able to start them indoors, which is a much smarter idea as the weather in Nova Scotia is so unpredictable who knows when I would be able to start them outside!

Thank you for the info. I have never used the Peat Pellets before and was not sure how they worked. Sound very simple and easy. I have used the peat pots before and they work well in starting but do not degrade once planted and cost more. Wish me good luck at my first try. I will take your recommendation of removing the netting before planting.

Catherine mae castillo says

Hi I recently got this same kit I was wondering is it normal for this kit to have constant condensation on the lid what does this mean is my temperature not rite Any Info would be appreciated.

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Right now, I’m growing some delicata squash, kale, broccoli and leeks, I’m hoping to start some lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas soon!

Bobbie Jordan says

The easiest way to get started is by buying a kit that contains some peat pellets, a holding tray, a lid to create a small “greenhouse” and some labels. All you need are the seeds and some water.

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So far I have 72 1” snapdragons and another mixed tray of 4 o’clocks and violas. Didn’t try any veggies though. . Have never tried them before.

how Many times do I need to use the peat pellets after I plant the seed that sprouted already? I mean the minimum and maximum used of peats pellets that have already expanded. Thank you.