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step by step guide to growing weed hydroponically

Step by step guide to growing weed hydroponically

Once the seed germination process is over, the marijuana will begin to develop to the first stage of the vegetative phase. In this stage, the plant gets long roots and grows leaves that assure photosynthesis. It is preparing itself for the budding phase.

The beginners usually have a problem understanding how to grow weed hydroponically step by step. The hydroponic system of growing weed refers to cultivating and harvesting it in a water-based and nutrient-rich solution. In this case, soil isn’t used.

There are a lot of mediums available in the market for the growth of the plant. Since you’re not using the soil, you will be in utter need of the medium as the substitute. One of the most used media include Rockwool. Although it does not offer nutrition, it can be a great support.

Ebb & Flow

Do you want to know which system is the best one for you? We wrote an extensive guide on all the types of hydroponic systems out there. We reviewed the best indoor hydroponic systems in various categories.

You can also try to smoke it. However, there will be a difference in the curing rate due to the strain. Nonetheless, if you have followed all the methods correctly, your indoor hydroponics setup will work and cannabis will grow with proper efficiency.

Advantages of hydroponics weed growing for beginners

It is very convenient because the roots get to absorb most of the oxygen from the air. They, however, absorb it from nutrient solution too. The tip of the root comes in direct contact to the nutrient solution. Thus, this increases the rate of growth for the plants.

It is not only a comfortable but a cheap system as well. In this case, the wicking material like cotton needs to be covered or encircled with the growing medium on one side and the wick placed in nutrient on the other.

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Whether you call it weed, cannabis, pot, marijuana, or something else, the plant known as Cannabis sativa is actually easy to grow at home when you know what you need to do. Growing hydroponically will provide you with higher yields and a shorter grow time compared to growing in soil, but it can often be difficult for the beginning grower to get started with hydroponics. However, most people think of plants growing in water when they think “hydroponics” but actually your plants will get many of the benefits of hydroponics as long as they’re getting their nutrients directly in their water supply. However because of superior air to water ratio in hydroponics, it remains the industry standard. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to grow your marijuana in 3-4 months using the (arguably) easiest hydroponic method: hand-watering in a soil-less medium.