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stop weeds from growing back

Stop weeds from growing back

Road base is not a good idea as it has undesirable chemicals in it and gravel often changes the PH. An organic mulch is a much better choice. If you try a few precautions before you plant, and then mulch you have a much better chance of staying ahead of the weeds.

You need to get ahead of the weeds. Don’t wait until they are taking over.

As far as baking soda, be careful using too much as it can change your PH. I listed what I found worked.

An old Chinese proverb says “The best fertilizer is the shadow of the gardener”. How true, we can’t know what is going on if we are not there. Weeding is a good way to visit our plants regularly.


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There are a few things to know about weeds:

You did not mention corn meal or baking soda. Don’t they work?

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I try not to till at all, although there are times you must. I suggest that, if you do, you cover those tilled areas with a tarp and kill the weeds that you just brought to the surface.

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Stop weeds from growing back

The best way, though the hardest, is to pull the weeds by hand. Keep in mind that for this method to be effective, you should remove the whole plant with its roots. For weeds with shallow roots, you can just hold the plant by its stem and pull gently. For those with deeper roots, such as dandelions, you need to take some extra care when removing them. You can use a small hoe to dig in the soil around the stem to loosen the soil, then get a firm grasp of the stem and pull. You may need to dig deeper and try pulling several times until you get the entire root out successfully.

Pulling Weeds With a Gardening Tool

The last step is to cover the fabric with mulch. The weight of the mulch will keep the fabric in place and also serves as decoration.

Using a Weed Preventer

what do you need to weed proof your garden