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stop weeds from growing under deck

(For those of you who already have weeds attacking your yard, read our article on How to Get Rid of Weeds.)

Weed Prevention

Tips on how to keep weeds out of the garden, add the right amount of mulch over weeds, and 6 mistakes to avoid to keep your garden weed-free.

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Stop weeds from growing under deck

Landscape fabric is preferable to plastic sheeting because it allows water to pass through to the ground below. Plastic sheeting, on the other hand, can collect water in pools. This creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bugs, as well as causing unpleasant smells. You don’t want your deck to be a bug haven or an area that smells like stagnant water.

To prevent weeds from growing beneath your deck, you should apply a ground covering of landscape fabric, followed by 3–4 inches of gravel. To kill existing weeds and prevent their return without investing in a ground covering, use long-term weed killers, natural weed killers, and pre-emergent weed preventers.

Add Gravel Over Landscape Fabric

It’s probably a safe bet you don’t want any plants growing underneath your deck. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to go all-out with strong weed killers.

Gravel is an attractive and useful ground covering. While, on its own, gravel may not stop all weeds from sprouting, combining it with landscape fabric creates a complete barrier. Apply 3–4 inches of gravel over your landscape fabric to keep the area underneath your deck weed-free.

How to Keep Weeds From Growing Under Your Deck: 7 Quick Tips

Mulch is, after all, wood. In a low-light environment underneath a deck, mulch can remain damp, which invites fungal growth and wood rot, which can spread to your deck and house. If you are looking for gravel alternatives under your deck, consider synthetic mulches (such as mulch made from recycled tires) rather than organic materials.