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strawberry guava smalls seeds

Strawberry guava smalls seeds

It is important to note that guava plant that is grown from seeds has less vigor compared to the guava plant that is grown from grafting or cuttings.

Strawberry guava just like any other guava is a small tree of not more than 20-25 feet in height. The trunk of strawberry guava is usually covered by a grey to brown bark.

To plant the seeds, prepare a potting mix by adding soilless seed-starting mix in a 4-inch planting mix.

Strawberry guava is mostly found growing well on the higher elevation of the tropics. On the other hand, lemon guava or yellow strawberry guava is usually found to grow on the lower elevations with less hardness when compared with Red cherry or strawberry guava.

How Long does it take for Guava Seeds to Sprout?

The seeds of strawberry guava are usually hard and they need to be scarified before planting.

Strawberry Guava fruit

The fruit is high in folate and other nutrients. And this guava fruit is an excellent source of folic acid to pregnant women.


Strawberry guava seeds have a moderate germination rate. Guava seeds in general require enough time to germinate. On average, strawberry guava seeds may require a minimum of 2 to 5 weeks before they start germinating.

Additionally, make sure the soil is sterile and maintain a temperature as constant as 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Know that cool temperatures may significantly lower the germination time and growth rate.

Strawberry guava smalls seeds

The Psidium Cattleianum ‘Strawberry Guava’ Seeds is shown in Bush, Tree & Shrubs.

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