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sugar cookie seeds

Sugar cookie seeds

Sugar Cookies – I think its a perfect name for this cross between two Girl Scout Cookie females to a very vigorous Sugar Chunk male. The flavor and POTENCY of GSC has taken it from a passing fad to a “must have” in many green gardens. But growers also have their complaints about the cookies. So…

So many customers are raving about the Sugar Cookies, many coming back and buying more packs after sampling their first harvest — And, after sampling the Sugar Cookies myself all this winter, I must admit this outcross has far surpassed expectations. I’ve decided this variety will be continued in my lineup. In fact, I’ve taken it to f2 and I’m currently working on the f3 generation breeding project.

Basic / Breeders Info

Sugar Cookies is an indica/sativa variety from Oregon Green Seed and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±56 days ) and outdoors . Oregon Green Seeds Sugar Cookies is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Oregon Green Seeds Sugar Cookies Description

Sugar Cookies will show improved resistance to powdery mildew and molds. While mold could hit everything else in the garden, even protracted rain and wet won’t bring down the father of this cross, Sugar Chunk. The Sugar Chunk male will also show his effect with enlarged and slightly elongated buds, bringing the opportunity for higher yields. Overall plant size will remain about 5-7 feet maximum, if topped once or left untrained.

As the name suggests, Sugar Cookie brings to mind a variety of sharp yet sweet scents. A burst of berries refreshes the spirit, mixed with heavy notes of deep, caramelized sugar. Undertones of damp earthiness keep this from being sickly saccharine though, enticing users to eat this from the bag.

Even those with depression will find comfort in this dessert-like ganja. As such, it can prevent the overwrought mind from turning sour. As the high progresses, the body softens into chewy, goo as a powerful sedation eases painful conditions like headaches and even eye pressure. After the full-body melt, expect to drift to a deep, restorative sleep.


To date, its breeders remain unknown. Many do believe that it is an offshoot of Girl Scout Cookies. But that is not the genetic lineage that is knocking on everybody’s interest. In fact, its cerebral invigoration and surrounding calmness suggest it is from Sensi Star and Blue Hawaiian, topped with Crystal Gale’s trance-like, euphoric buzz.

Medical Use and Benefits

Mental blocks are also torn down by a creative force, allowing users to fire off new ideas one after another. However, users won’t be able to put it to life as even picking up a pen feels like an impossible ordeal because of its sedative quality encompassing the body like a heavy blanket.