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sugar kush seeds

Sugar kush seeds

Sugar Kush Feminised

Sugar Kush Autoflowering Feminised

Sugar Kush effects

The Sugar Kush has Sweet, Lemon, Earthy, Skunk and Pine flavors while the effects of sugar kush are reported as euphoric, hungry, sleepy, happy and relaxed.Sugar Kush seeds are available to buy in 16 seedshops online, compare the offers and find the best deal before you order your Sugar Kush seeds.

Sugar Kush Feminised

Sugar Kush flavors

This is by far in the top 5 of the best strain that I have ever had. It took care of my pain caused from crohns disease. Watch out she will sneak up on you, I finished one bowl and thought this is bunk weed so I started to pack another bowl and by the time I reached for the flower container she kicked in and I forgot what the hell I was doing. Gave me a great appetite the medicated feeling lasts between 2-3 hours depending on your tolerance. I personally have smoked every day for the last 4 years and it lasts about 2 for me. about 4 hours after smoking was able to fall asleep for 10 hours uninterrupted. I recommend this strain for sleep and intense pain and it dosent take much and dont forget she’s a creeper. Will update tomorrow about how she is in a bag and a whip vaporizer stay tuned!!

Sugar kush seeds

Below are the genetic characteristics and information about the Sugar Kush Marijuana Strain from Dizzy Duck Seeds. If you are looking to buy bulk seeds, or have any questions or remarks about Dizzy Duck Seeds seeds, please contact us here, and we will be happy to assist you.

We do not stock or ship original Dizzy Duck Seeds seeds worldwide and we don’t guarantee secure shopping, discrete stealth and crush-proof shipping and quick delivery. All seeds that we don’t sell online are hand picked and guaranteed from the original breeder including the original packaging. Germination rate is regularly tested and well over 90%

If the “buy now” button does not appear, it means this particular strain is not in stock. Before you purchase Dizzy Duck Seeds seeds, check the crucial characteristics of Sugar Kush from Dizzy Duck Seeds below. Scroll down to check related cannabis seeds that we have on stock.

63 days Category: indoor, outdoor, indica, Flowering details: N/A Feminized: Sugar Kush–>Only female seeds Origin: Hash Plant x