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sugar mama seeds

Sugar mama seeds

Feminised Seeds pulled a few strings & got their hands on a few genuine GG#4 cuts, reversed them, then tested and selectively refined their..

Sugar Mama Auto is generous to a fault, but she still values quality over quantity for true connoisseur-grade herb. This is Sativa-dominant bre..

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This mind-bending Sativa with 25% THC levels is one unique lady ideal for the connoisseur.A Sativa sensation for all, her effects are long-last..

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Sugar Mama Auto is generous to a fault, but she still values quality over quantity for true connoisseur-grade herb. This is Sativa-dominant breeding at its finest, pulling genetics from both Jack Herer & White Widow. Sugar Mama Automatic gets her name from both her oh-so-sweet flavour and her thick coating of white, powdery resin. Ready in just 9 weeks from seed.

Feminised Seeds reached deep into their own gene pool, called in all their favours & did a couple very naughty things to bring you their ne..

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We like to call this a “wake and bake” strain in the marijuana community. A little bit of Sugar Mama in the morning can start your day on the right foot—a happy foot! It’s virtually impossible to stay mad or stress with Sugar Mama marijuana seeds by your side. In addition to a positive headspace, users also notice a boost in their productivity, either at work or around the house.

A great “wake and bake” strain, Sugar Mama marijuana seeds boost your productivity levels during the day and help you focus on all the tasks on your to-do list. Users notice mental clairty that motivates them to get out of bed and start their day on a cheerful foot. There’s no way you can stay cranky with this hybrid by your side.

Come to (sugar) mama! For the ultimate, well-rounded marijuana experience, we recommend Sugar Mama marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. This is a great strain to reap all the benefits of an indica and a sativa in a single smoke session. This highly-enjoyable strain is best suited for daytime use as it boosts euphoria with a side of elevated focus and mental clarity.


The last thing this hybrid will do is fog your memory or leave you disorientated. Instead, it helps you tackle all the things on your to-do list with a smile on your face. Over time, the cerebral hype starts to settle down and you’ll enter a state of relaxation. This is when your productivity winds down and you’ll want to chill out for a while. The body stone of Sugar Mama marijuana seeds is noticeable but not overwhelming that you’ll succumb to couchlock all day.