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sugar punch seeds

Sugar Bomb Punch is aptly named. This is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing THC Bomb with another cross of Critical Orange Punch and Bubba Island Kush. Buds are liberally plastered with sticky resin, such that they look as though they’ve been dipped in sugar, and the finished product packs quite a punch.

Dutch Passion has once again triumphed in its combination of very high THC levels delivered alongside enormous yields producing both quantity and quality. This is primarily intended for indoor growing and plants remain quite squat. Flowering takes about 9 weeks in total and the resulting buds are incredibly densely packed, so much so that a small bud that might be considered sufficient for a joint will actually be enough for two when ground up.

There are 4 main pheno-types produced and the very shortest one is the absolute tops in terms of quality. Leaves of all phenos are likely to turn a very dark colour prior to harvest. These highly dank buds, 20% plus THC, deliver an effect which is both euphoric and couch-lock in nature.

Flowers: Medium long sativa like buds

Height Outdoors Medium

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Sugar Bomb Punch Feminised Seeds


Sugаr Punсh mаrіjuаnа іѕ a роwеrful grоwеr that produces ѕоmе еnоrmоuѕ сrорѕ оf еlоngаtеd sativa budѕ. She wоrkѕ wеll іn a SOG ѕеt uр whеrе thе best yields саn bе асhіеvеd.

SUGAR PUNCH SEEDS is a feminized cross can give benefits for a breeders, just like the Sugar Punch. In this cross the advantages from both parents are really floating to the surface and enhance each other positive characters.

Island Punch FEMINIZED Seeds (Cali Connection)

Height Indoors Medium

Type: Sativa dominante hybrid