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sundae driver seeds

Sundae driver seeds

The original profile of Sundae Driver was a crossover between Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. The two strains worked together as Hybrids with a slight lean toward being Indica dominant. In the end, Sundae Driver is sure to make the user feel happy and relaxed.

Divine Genetics is a U.S. cannabis seed company that has won several Cannabis Cup awards in various categories, including concentrates, flower, hash, and pre-rolls. Their Sundae Driver S1 cannabis seeds are constantly out of stock, leaving many collectors with their eyes set on this strain to swipe some up when they can. The Sundae Driver seeds from Divine Genetics are a pure manifestation of this classic strain that never disappoints. Purchase their feminised seeds for $24.78 each on

Divine Genetics

Seed City carries dozens of variations of Sundae Driver seeds for sale from only the best breeders in the business. Sundae Driver is a strain that breeders love to cross and mix with other weed varieties due to its balanced profile and inoffensive effects. There aren’t many negative side effects that take place when consuming Sundae Driver. When polled on this strain, Leafly reviewers did not have many complaints, with only 9% experiencing cottonmouth, 2% experiencing paranoia, and a mere 1% reporting back any kind of anxiety.

The harmonious nature of Sundae Driver has left fans of this strain with no shortage of options, which is why Seed City has the best variations of these top-tier seeds. Keep reading to get to know a couple of our favorite breeders and their Sundae Driver creations. Seed City is a 420 seed bank that offers a massive selection of cannabis seeds for sale, including the Sundae Driver below.

Elev8 Seeds

Users of this strain have overwhelming compliments to say about the flavor and aromas, though. Sundae Driver is said to taste and smell like a sweet mixture of ice cream and fruity pebbles, with a smoking experience that is touted to be smooth and strong. This dessert-inspired strain is the perfect nightcap to end a long day or great company for a chill morning.

Sundae driver seeds

Sundae Driver plants flower in 8 to 9 weeks.

Nothing is more mellow than going for a Sunday drive. With the windows down as you cruise along the highway, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with the world.

Intense flourishes of candied purple, lavender, and even magenta show up to offset the bud’s forest green leaves and fiery pistils.

The Appearance of Sundae Driver Weed:

Sundae Driver Seeds – Strain ID:

This strain review will teach you everything you need to know about one of today’s most in-demand strains along with providing awesome grow tips.


Sure, growing out another OG or kush strain is great, especially if you’re just starting as a grower. But, nothing can compare to the feeling of having some once in a lifetime bud like Sundae Driver.

Sundae Driver seeds are grown for the medicinal benefits by patients treating both physical and psychological symptoms.