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sundae sunset seeds

Sundae sunset seeds

Cannarado Genetics team has used the well-known Cookie Crew’s Sunset Sherbert in this cross in order to add an even more important resin layer together with Sundae Driver, a variety with a powerful terpene profile.

Sundae Sunset cultivation

Sundae Driver is a variety used by Jungle Boyz, the famous American breeders group. This cross has inherited a very important terpenes profile. Sundae Sunset consumption is sweet and pleasant, like feeling the sunlight in winter. These sweet flavours are accompanied by a slightly earthy and creamy background.

Properties of the Sundae Sunset

Alchimia is glad to present Cannarado Genetics Sundae Sunset, a feminised cannabis variety that offers a powerful flavour and effect.

Sundae sunset seeds

These sensational Sundae Sunset seeds are brought to us by Cannarado Genetics. Bred between two of their own in-house powerhouses, Sunset Sherbet x Sundae Driver; Cannarado have really pulled perfection out of the bag for this plant. When grown properly, this is one of the most beautiful plants you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. Lovely dark leaves masked by a swarm of crystalline trichomes giving the aesthetic of a frosty winters morning. Further developing a bountiful bath of buds bursting with beautiful, striking light lemon-yellow pistils. Truly an incredibly pretty plant and a joy to look at as you watch your baby grow.

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An indica/sativa hybrid with reports of lateral branching and medium to high yields depending on grow quality. Furthermore, remarkable resin production is a big plus for hash and oil lovers the world over. Loving and careful cultivators should expect larger yields and a beautiful plant to marvel at, for around 65-70 days until it’s time to harvest. As with most hybrids, Sundae Sunset offers great resilience to the elements and is capable of growing both indoors and outdoors. As a result of boasting Sunset Sherbet lineage, users & enthusiasts of said yields should expect sweet and fruity flavours and aromas, alongside pine and berries.