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sunset mints seeds

The effects were fast to set in giving me an instant and intensely energising, uplifting high and this quickly settled into a very relaxing and sedative but at the same time slightly cerebral and happy experience.

The thick, clean white smoke bubbling through the bong was my first indicator this was premium quality. Then the sharp sweet taste of the smoke had me slavering down the stem of the bong before I’d even got the bowl fully burning. This flavour just seemed to intensify on the inhale and more again on the exhale. Leaving me with sweet earthy, mouthwatering aftertastes. The dense pure white ash left in the bowl at the end is the icing on the cake for me and proves that this is premier league flower.

The buds are small to medium sized, nice and dense, but not super chemically enhanced dense like some of the poor locally grown flower I’ve seen lately. It is very clear every time that both breeder and farmer both take huge pride in their work. The final product is always super clean, perfectly manicured and finished to perfection ensuring the terpene profile and trichome coverage are preserved and on point. I’ve not been disappointed yet.

The colours of the flower are soft and mellow, minty shades of green with subtle lilac highlights in places. The thick trichome coverage give the bud a silvery sheen, finished with just a few long and twisted, dark amber pistils.

Huge thanks to @thecaliclubtenerife for this one and I can’t wait to start working my way through that new menu

The terpene profile is a sweet balance of flavours showing traits of both parents. The sweet slightly earthy kushy smell is prominent when the bud is cracked but when ground the sweet sherbet like tones come through, and I can pick up some slight tones of spice and citrus.

Perfect for a chilled sociable evening with friends. Definitely a winner and good vibes all round with this strain.

Sunset mints seeds

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