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sunset shortcake seeds

Sunset shortcake seeds

This is perhaps my favorite strain. The taste and terps are incredible and it hits. Straight up take a toke and you'll see. Really good strain for late afternoon or evening and deep sleep will follow

An amazing heavy hitter. This is up there with Gelato 33 and GG4 for me.

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This is amazing I am hooked on it because I suffer from severe chronic pain to the point I can not function let alone get out of bed for days until I started vaping this strain as well as 4 others helps my pain go away and I can function in life and have a life ,Before trying medical marijuana I was taking very strong pain killers up to 10 pills a day I went cold turkey on that garbage after being on meds for 25 years. I only use medical marijuana now and I would pay a kings ransom for SUNSET SHERBET.

I’m a total sativa guy, and usually a high content indica will lull me to sleep. Even though this is 85% indica, I’m alert and ready for the evening. Definitely a body chill, to go along with the head chill. Though I can still function. Very nice high.

THC: 15% – 19%, CBN: 1%

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Bat guano is another excellent soil additive. By adding it to water, you can prevent your marijuana plants from burning and ensure they remain well hydrated. Bat Guano adds nitrogen and phosphorus and improves nutrient absorption. When you use organic materials rich in nutrients, there is no need to damage your soil with chemicals.

If growing your Sunset Sherbet in soil, add a spoonful of blackstrap molasses to the water in the final few weeks of blooming. Just a teaspoon per gallon of water can make all the difference and eliminate the need for expensive supplements. Molasses are very rich in nutrients, and the added sugars and carbohydrates enable your plants to blossom.

Feed Sunset Sherbet with lots of nitrogen, but don’t be afraid to use plenty of potassium and phosphorus. During the flowering stage, reduce the nitrogen feed and increase the amount of potassium and phosphorus. If you are growing hydroponically, try some store-bought Botanicare nutrients.

5 – Train Your Sunset Sherbet for Best Results

It is crucial for your grow room to have the right level of humidity. When the crop is still at the seedling stage, keep the humidity level above 70% but below 80%. At this point, the plants have weak root systems, so you need to protect them. A higher humidity level ensures they take up more water from the growing environment and develop strong roots.

For indoor growers, make sure you keep the daytime temperature between 70- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow the temperature to veer far below 70 degrees when the lights are off.

3 – Add Some Molasses if Growing in Soil

Sunset Sherbet is a marijuana plant that enjoys a warm and sunny climate, which is why it is a favorite among California growers. As it is a bushy plant, you need to prune and train it to ensure all parts receive enough light, airflow, and nutrients. The good news is that it is pretty resistant to pests and diseases.

For successful growing, drop the humidity slightly during the vegetative stage. Assuming the temperature is 80 degrees, keep the relative humidity (RH) level at 60%. At this stage, your marijuana has a robust root system capable of absorbing more water from the soil.