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super autoflowering cannabis seeds

Super autoflowering cannabis seeds

The seeds in the banks are sourced from reputable breeders – just to ensure quality standards.

What We Don’t Like

Which way do you turn, considering there are many cannabis seed banks in the market today, all of which are claiming to be the best of the best?

No germination guarantee

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Any State?

Remember, however, the US federal law (still) criminalizes cannabis. And, often, seeds aren’t allowed to cross state lines.

If you opt to check out with bitcoin, Seedsman will slash 15% off the total cost, which is decent enough. And the company’s loyalty program could help save on $$.

And yes, your orders qualify for free standard shipping, which is guaranteed, provided you’re a US resident. If you’d like to track your order, though, you’ll have to part with $25.

10. Seed Supreme – Best Seed Bank with Crypto Payment

You get a whopping 20% off the buying price if you check out with bitcoin. And should you opt to pay with a credit/debit card, the charges will be under a non-obvious company name. Only you’ll incur an additional cost.

This seed bank offers a whole load of resources – growing guidebook, helpful forum, informative blog, etc. – so you can do your thing worry-free. And their money-back guarantee spells six words: your marijuana seeds are going to germinate!

Autoflowering strains have come a long way in recent years. Many now rival their photoperiod relatives in terms of yield and potency and may even leave them for dead in a race to the finish line. They’ve become a solid choice for both beginner and experienced growers alike. Autoflower seeds offer quick, hassle-free growing without the need to worry about light manipulation or long flowering times.

Zkittlez OG Auto – Perfectly Balanced Hybrid

Finally, they are well-suited to beginner growers looking to get a feel for cannabis cultivation. As they require no light manipulation, there’s one less thing to get right when it comes to successful flowering. Autoflowering strains also tend to carry good resistance to pests and diseases.

What’s the Difference Between Autoflowering and Feminized Seeds?

It won’t take you long to realize why you’ve hit the jackpot with this autoflowering masterpiece by Heavyweight Seeds, capable of whopping indoors yields of 800g/m2 (2.6oz/ft2). Jackpot Auto is somewhat of a jack of all trades, with pungent flavors and strong THC levels of 19% to go with those gargantuan yields.