Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Super Skunk autoflower seeds are an excellent choice if you’re looking for the feeling of couch-lock without losing your ability to operate machinery or maintain focus. It’s a great experience, and it doesn’t make you so high that somebody has to take care of things while you sleep off its effects!

Super Skunk is a skunky delight. Its overwhelming muskiness delights the senses of any true connoisseur. With mostly Indica lineage but 20% Sativa blood, this hybrid has become one of today’s most popular strains worldwide – especially for those looking to lighten up and relax after work or in between classes!

The feminized version of Super Skunk has been a lifesaver for growers over the years because it eliminates some of their headaches. This strain is autoflowering, meaning there will never be any male plants to worry about removing from your garden and they can simply focus on growing as well!

This particular type of Super Skunk is an awesome option that many find especially helpful when trying to grow in areas where space may be limited or if you want all-female crops without having to remove males before flowering begins.

Marijuana plants are notoriously sensitive to the changing seasons. In fact, they will even flower and ripen in time for their end-of-October harvest when exposed to certain hours of sunlight each day! However, autoflowering strains have been specially engineered over many generations so that they can produce buds at any given point during their life cycle. Autos do not need light exposure or environmental changes as with traditionally grown marijuana. Instead, these flowers come on according to a predetermined timetable set deep within them from generation after generation of selective breeding.

Autoflowering marijuana plants are not only useful indoors but they can be very beneficial for outdoor growers too. Instead of waiting around until the sun goes down, these cannabis strains will flower on their own when exposed to 12 hours or more of sunlight a day. Super Skunk is one such strain that’s great for beginners because it grows no taller than two feet and has high THC levels with an average yield between 4-6 ounces per plant in just eight weeks!

Super Skunk is a hybrid that came to be when its breeder, Sensei Seeds, bred the Afghani Indica with an earlier form of Skunk. Early versions were hybrids too but lacked this particular strain and distinction from being first in line for breeding purposes.

This upgraded version of the strain has denser, thicker buds that are pungent yet sweet. The overall effect is pleasing and makes smoking a worthwhile experience.