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tachllta till seeds

Tachllta till seeds

Royal Medic – Teva Adir

Teva Adir is another highly-respected provider, who are busy developing strains that thrive in Israel’s unique climate. A hybrid of two Spanish strains, Critical and Juanita, the Royal Medic contains equivalent concentrations of THC and CBD, and has broad anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety applications. Royal Medic has an aroma of hashish and a fruity, spicy flavor.

Israel has a highly developed medicinal cannabis scene, and its eight licensed providers supply their patients with dozens of different strains painstakingly bred to deliver specific cannabinoid ratios. Here’s a quick look at the finest strains offered by three of Israel’s most prominent medicinal providers – Tikun Olam, Seach and Teva Adir.

Avidekel – Tikun Olam

The Desert Queen is a cross between Cinderella 99 and G13, and produces huge, crystal-coated buds with a fine, fruity aroma and flavor. The Desert Queen is a good “daytime strain” which is used to treat chronic pain, stress and anxiety, and is recommended for “relaxation without heaviness or fatigue.”

Tachllta till seeds

"People have been working on this for 10 years," Lamont said. "It's been a long time coming. I think we have a good bill that puts public health first."

Lamont said more work needs to be done to achieve social equity but that he's satisfied with the bill he just signed.

Connecticut just became the 18th state in the union to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and the 4th just this year, as Gov. Ned Lamont signed the bill into law on Tuesday.

The long process was not without conflict and many held their breath in the hope the legalization bill would make it to the governor's desk unscathed.

“It’s an important thing to do on a number of fronts. Number one, in terms of equity and social justice. I think it is a model for the rest of the nation. We had a chance to learn from others,” the governor added.