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tangelo kush seeds

Tangelo kush seeds


    Don Tangelo combines old school, fruity flavors with the classic Indica buzz, resulting in the perfect combination of flavor and effect.

Don Tangelo marijuana seeds strike the perfect balance between taste and effect without compromising either.

Tangelo weed strain carries some benefits for medical patients who try to struggle with mental disorders like depression, chronic fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It also has an antibacterial effect and is useful for treating inflammations.

Tangelo weed strain has taken the most fantastic aroma from its prominent parents. As a result, this bud delivers a blend of tropical fruits, citrus, and tangerine scent and taste. Its sweet, pungent, and sour aroma makes users wake up in the morning.

Tangelo weed is said to be an activator of mental and body movement and serves as a boost to get going. This bud is not couch-locked, instead of lulling into sleep, it produces a head-focused high putting users into a euphoric and uplifted state with a burst of energy. However, as reported, this strain could be quite overwhelming for those, who are prone to panic and could lead to paranoia.

Tangelo strain, which is not similar to Tangelo Kush, was bred by crossing Tangerine Sunrise and Gorkle. This marijuana hybrid was created by breeders from Colorado Seed Inc. and has not so high THC content that of 23%. This strain is best reserved for morning and daytime usage as reported.

The flowering time of these medium-tall plants requires 8-9 weeks before harvest. Tangelo’s seeds are difficult to purchase at online shops.