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tcb s1 seeds

1,2,4-trichlorobenzene (1,2,4-TCB) pollution in fields has become a potential threat to rice growth, yet little is known about the different response of many rice cultivars. This study evaluated the 1,2,4-TCB resistance characteristics of 114 generalized rice cultivars by investigating 44 phenotypic and physiological indices across their whole growth periods. Principal component analysis, subordinate function analysis, and cluster analysis were integrated to comprehensively identify 1,2,4-TCB tolerance of rice cultivars for individual as well as whole growth periods. Results demonstrated that the 1,2,4-TCB tolerance of rice was complex and varied with traits, developmental stages, and cultivars. To be specific, 1,2,4-TCB stress decreased rice growth in both seedling and tillering periods. The main resistant responses to 1,2,4-TCB stress were increasing the chlorophyll content, root growth, tiller number and secondary branch number mostly at jointing-booting stage. It implied that the jointing-booting stage was the key period for the development of 1,2,4-TCB resistance in rice. We further classified five groups of rice cultivars according to the levels of 1,2,4-TCB-tolerance based on the comprehensive evaluation value (D) across whole period. We identified 7 high-tolerant, 14 tolerant, 34 moderately tolerant, 44 sensitive and 15 high-sensitive cultivars. Notably, the two high-tolerant cultivars (Nanfan 1604 and Shengdao 2620) showed significant tolerant at individual growth stages, and the five high-sensitive cultivars (Zhongshufengjing 3227, Guang 8 you 165, Ningjing 040, Songzaoxiang 1 and Xindao 22) exhibited sensitivity at individual growth stages, indicating that their tolerance/sensitivity were consistent across the whole growth stages. Finally, one index at seedling stage, five indices at jointing-booting, two indices at heading and four indices at maturity were integrated to measure the tolerance of rice in whole growth periods. The results are useful for evaluating and breeding 1,2,4-TCB-tolerant of rice cultivars, which lay a foundation for further safe rice production in 1,2,4-TCB contaminated paddy soil.

Tcb s1 seeds

With the first inhale, this strain begins to work almost immediately. We found it to be relaxing on the body, but very mentally stimulating. Perfect for some evening reading or TV, the TCB S1 was great for getting in the zone. It’s bouquet is very piney and earthy, with some sweet back notes. The taste matches the aroma almost perfectly. Highly recommended for those who want to step out of their surroundings and into their thoughts and imagination.

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Our TCB S1 just gets better and better. Jimmy and Frank are constantly looking for the best-of-the-best of each strain. This batch does not disappoint.

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