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There are no laws that make cultivating cannabis illegal in Texas, but it is still considered a crime to grow weed. The only exception under state law is for growers of low–THC cannabis that is used explicitly for medical purposes provisioned under the Compassionate Use Act.

The penalties for growing marijuana vary in Texas and hinge upon the collective weight of the cannabis plants found.

If law enforcement has reason to believe you are operating a grow house, a warrant can be requested to search your property and seize evidence. If you are caught growing even small amounts of weed in Texas, the consequences can be life-altering. For this reason, it’s essential to contact a Dallas marijuana lawyer at Peveto Law Office.

At the end of the hallway, the cannabis nears the end of its journey in a gray room with long metal tables where the products are placed for quality control testing.

Bob Owen, Staff / San Antonio Express-News

Jessica Phelps /San Antonio Express-News

TOCC’s growers also conduct studies to see how different elements like light or soil can impact their product. The business has partnered with Fluence by OSRAM, an Austin-based light manufacturer, to evaluate the influence of three different varities of light spectra — bands of color similar to a rainbow — on three different varieties of cannabis when grown in high bay indoor environments.

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The cannabis goes through three main stages before it is available: cultivation, processing and manufacturing.

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To conclude the process of prepping the plants for use, they spend 53 days in a flower room before they are cut down. They will spend another 15 days hanging upside down on massive racks to dry out before the dry flower is taken off the stem and put into a tote, ready to be ground up and then extracted for its oil.

Behind an entryway covered with mosquito netting, rows of small, leafy plants give way to larger, more mature plants in the back. The larger plants are known as mother plants. Inside the vegetation room, plants sit under 18 hours of light a day to create the ideal growing conditions, said TOCC’s Cultivation Manager Jason Sanders.