Donald Owens
Hello friends, my name is Donald Owens. I’m a professional cannabis grower for a large dispensary in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Growing marijuana is a very rewarding process, but it can also be difficult. That’s why we created this guide to help you through the process from start to finish. We’ll teach you how to grow cannabis from seed, what nutrients and soil are best for your plants, how much light they need, and more! Check out our complete guide on growing marijuana today.

Blurb: Growing Marijuana has never been easier. The complete guide to growing marijuana from seed to harvest is here! Learn how to grow, what nutrients and soil work best for cannabis plants, the right amount of light they need, and more! Check out our guide today.

What’s your goal? Overview of process Prepping your space Planting seeds Germinating (sprouting) Seeds Watering Plants Light Nutrients Fertilizers Pests Harvest Time Conclusion – Final thoughts

Introduction: Many of you are reading this guide because you know someone who grows cannabis. You may even grow cannabis yourself and want to expand your knowledge on the subject. It is our goal with these guides to make growing less mysterious so that more people can enjoy a rewarding experience in their own backyards or living rooms!

We’re going over what’s included in this post below, but first, we wanted to share some important points about marijuana cultivation for beginners. When it comes down to it, there are two main goals when cultivating weed: quantity and quality. Quality refers not only to high THC levels (the psychoactive ingredient) but also flavor; growers will often choose strains based on how well they taste as well as how potent they are. Quality is also a consideration when choosing which plant to harvest; if the grower has limited space, it may be best to focus on one particular strain rather than trying to grow more and taking up valuable real estate with plants that might not produce as well.

-What you need: soil, containers, seeds, or clones for starting your garden -Lighting equipment including CFLs/MHs or HPS -Nutrients like fertilizers & supplements -Optional but recommended gear such as thermometers, humidity gauges, etc…

-Grow medium such as coco coir/peat moss mixed together for seedlings then transplant into soil

-Find your favorite cannabis seeds/clones

-You’ll need to germinate the seed first and then plant it in moistened pre-moistened grow medium such as coco coir or peat moss. It will take a day for sprouts to appear

-Place pot under strong light, like an HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamp while maintaining room temperature between 68° F – 77° F with humidity at 60%+ relative humidity. If you’re using CFLs make sure they are within 18″ of the plant’s topside level. Don’t forget your timer!

*For Plant Training: Train young weed plants so they grow one main cola by bending the stem down 90 degrees and tying it to a stake in the ground. Keep plant trimmed so that all axial growth points towards cola

-Choose your desired grow medium and/or pot size

-Fertilize plants once every two weeks with an organic fertilizer designed specifically for flowering plants (such as Earth Juice Grow or HydroBlend). Use only after watering, let dry before applying next time

-Water when soil is drying out – about twice per week

*You’ll want to start using nutrients from here on out. I recommend Fox Farm’s Liquid Nutrient Trio because of its balance between nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which will promote strong root development while maximizing final yields. Be sure not to over-water your weed! The mix also contains seaweed extract (which is rich in iodine, calcium, and iron) as well as kelp meal which contains a wide range of minerals.

-If you’re doing a grow outside make sure your plants get at least 12 hours of light every day.