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the void seeds

The void seeds

Delving into the Eldritch

Void Seed is an item added by the Thaumcraft 6 mod. It can drop when closing Rifts or collected from them by Void Syphon. They also rarely drop from Crimson Cleric. Used to create Void Metal.

Thaumonomicon Entry [ edit ]

I have found something strange. something that doesn’t quite fill the rules that reality and reason had set for us.

I do not believe this seed comes from our reality at all. It comes from somewhere. outside.

The void seeds

The problem is, I have no Idea on how to unlock the research for it. Also, a way to cleanup the Flux before controlled Rifts is a pain too, but, here again, I have no idea on how to unlock the research.

I've been experimenting in Beta 20 for a while now, and tried to get a good way farm Void Seeds and unlock all research available in Creative Mode, without cheats.

The initial Problem would be the Void Metal Block need for the Siphon. A Solution is to throw Causality Collapser into Rifts. They close and drop 6-7 Void Seeds (may vary between Rift Sizes).

About the Void Seeds, the Void Siphons are the best. I placed one next to a Rift, which I stabilize with two Stabilizer normally used for Infusion (connected with Creative Energy Cells, Vis Generator drain too much Vis). The Rift doesn't seem to get smaller, but I do release some extra Flux now and then to be sure. This gives me a small but steady amount of Void Seeds.

I got some missing Research in Fundamentals, Infusion and Auromancy, also I know, that some of these are unlocked by scanning things, not yet encountable (but implemented, like Ancient Stone and the Bosses)

ADDENDUM: Scanning Vis Crystal Cluster in the World, and then unlocking Vis Batteries will lead to the Flux Cleanup research (after observing Flux buildup and Rifts). Stability problems with Infusions higher then minor are to be expected. Try faster Infusions (at higher cost) to finish fast and get less Unstability Events.