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tiger woods seeds

Tiger woods seeds

Then the second C, calves. A part of the body Mickelson has committed to.

“A hellacious seed is a screaming, low, hot runner, and into the wind. I’m going to need to hit some of those. Now Tiger likes to hit stingers, and those are cute. Hellacious seed is going by a stinger so fast, like you can’t even wave – like if you were to put your hand out the window, like it would blow your hand back so fast it would hurt; like you can’t even wave goodbye as you pass a stinger. Hellacious seeds are so hot and long.”

“You couple that with calves, and you have exponential performance.”

“Not just any coffee with sugar and crap, no,” Mickelson said on a video posted on his social media feeds. “It’s coffee for wellness with good stuff that gets your body to function right, your brain to function right.”

Coffee times calves equals bombs plus hellacious seeds equals intimidation and victory.

“A bomb is high and nasty.”

The B, bombs. A part of the game Mickelson has committed to.

Tiger woods seeds

But a funny thing happened. Well, maybe not that funny – especially if you’re his ex-wife. Since Tiger’s sex scandal, he has not won a tournament.

Bacon Theory #342 maintains: You can fool the fans most of the time, and the press some of the time, but you can never fool the guys in the locker room. They know exactly who you are – and they don’t like Tiger Woods. Actually, they don’t even know him. Woods flies in on his private jet, plays his round, then flies out, without talking to anyone. In the clubhouse, every golfer wants their rivals to sign golf balls and flags for their tournaments back home, but Tiger almost never does. He is simply not a good guy.

Tiger Woods has missed most of the season due to his injured left knee. In the past decade, he’s fractured the tibia, torn the ligaments, and had it operated on several times – making it the kind of hamburger more commonly seen on NFL running backs. But he returned this week to play in his first PGA tour event in months. This is big news in the golf world – because without Tiger Woods, there’s barely any golf news at all. Watching golf on TV without Tiger Woods is like…watching golf on TV.

That’s why, if anybody ever proves Tiger has taken a performance enhancing drug, he will find both his competitors and his sport uniquely unforgiving. He has no safety net. Who would stick his neck out for this man? Not his fellow pros, the tour officials, or his incredibly loyal caddy of 12 years, Scott Williams, whom he just fired last month.

Woods returns ranked 28th in the world – his lowest mark since he was just getting started 14 years ago. So what? The TV ratings will skyrocket. People love him, people hate him – but few are indifferent. His first decade was arguably the greatest any golfer ever had in the history of the game. After winning his 14th major tournament in 2008, the question wasn’t if he would pass Jack Nicklaus’s 18 major titles, but when.