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time reaper seeds

Time reaper seeds

As the saying goes all good things come to those who wait and unfortunately these Superhot Carolina Reaper seeds are quite difficult & temperamental to germinate so patience is needed. It may take up to 6 weeks or more to germinate and care is needed to ensure the seed receives the right amount of water. If over-watered the seed will rot before germination occurs and too little water means the seed won’t germinate either. The seeds should be sown in either a heated propagator/heated greenhouse and kept at a constant temperature of 23-25C

The seeds should be sown early in the season as Carolina Reaper takes a long time to fruit and ripen particularly in a cool season so the plants must be kept inside at a constant high temperature.

Carolina Reaper Chilli Seed Information

PLEASE NOTE – we do not recommend growing chillies on a windowsill, especially the hotter varieties. Chillies need a constant and consistent temperature to germinate and windowsills above radiators do not provide the ideal conditions.

When to Sow your Carolina Reaper Chilli Seeds

Carolina Reaper may need a little extra help by hand-pollinating flowers and it is not uncommon for the first flowers to drop before setting chillies but others should follow. Not an easy chilli to grow but great for the really dedicated experienced chilli grower and enthusiast!

Time reaper seeds

Use a clean paint brush from inexpensive Childrens water color paint set to pollinate by hand. Higher than normal temperature did. make some blossoms drop.

They shoudnt be flowering in the next 2 months time, as what I have read. So correct me if i am wrong. 1st time plating reapers.

Step 5: Flowering and Fruiting

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Prepare your container, makesure there is some drainage in the bottom and sit it a recepticle to catch excess water (especially if on a window sill). Get some compost and fill your container to the relevant level (do not use large pots to start with an incubator tray is the perfect size). Wet the soil through with some water and poor the excess from the receptical away. If you have a single seed try to plant it as centraly as possible, if you have multiple seeds space them evenly. For a standard size incubator use four seeds in one incubator. Place the seeds atop the compost, push them in half way and cover them. If using an incubator place the lid on top and leave in your chosen place; otherwise place in your green house.

Step 4: Growing

Ok what’s your technique I can’t even get 1 pepper?