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tollete seeds

Tollete seeds

The Spruce / Olivia Inman

Once you gather the materials, it is relatively easy to get going. Here are a few tips on how to use toilet paper rolls to house seedlings:

Fill the pots with soil, moisten the soil, and pot and plant your seeds. Maintain the planted seeds as you would any seeds sown indoors. Typically, you will have to wait a few weeks before you can remove the plants and embed them into the garden.

How to Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Start Seeds

You may want to acclimate the plants to the garden before putting the pods (or just the plants in the pods) into the ground. To do this, take your tray or seeding bin out to the garden for a few hours each day. This can ease the stress on plants that sometimes occurs during the transplantation process.

Depending on how many seeds you're starting, you will need a few toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. It's wise to begin saving the rolls prior to planting season so you have a good supply on hand.

Make a series of 1 to 1 1/2-inch cuts around one end of the roll, approximately a half an inch apart.

Fold the cut sections in toward the center of the roll. This will create the bottom of your pot.

Tollete seeds

Recycle cardboard toilet roll tubes to create some easy seed plugs. Children can watch the seedlings grow before planting out. We planted peas in our recycled pots. When the peas grow, my children love to pick the pea pods, pop them open and eat the raw peas straight from the garden.