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tower garden growing weed

Aeroponics is an established method of cannabis cultivation: traditionally, it a system whereby plants are suspended in a fixed, horizontal tube. The roots hang down where they are repeatedly sprayed with nutrient rich water. Aeroponic growing typically requires gravel or grow rocks, multiple sprayers, hoses and a host of other gardening equipment. These systems often take up a lot of space, and can be hard to maintain.

“The great thing about the Tower Garden is how easy it is to use,” she explains. “Especially for people with disabilities, or mobility challenges, this could be a new way for medical marijuana patients to get their medicine.”

Erika points out some other advantages to using the Tower Garden: larger and healthier plants, lower expenditures on water, nutrients and other growing supplies, a greater yield in smaller growing spaces and, due to rapid growth, more growing cycles in a year.

With aeroponics, you’ll need to keep an eye on:

Also, when clones have rooted out, you can transplant them into a net pot and finish out the rest of the plant in the aeroponic system. Once in a net pot, grow the plant as you normally would.

An aeroponic setup will also save space as plants can be placed closer together because they don’t have to fight for soil. The lack of soil also helps prevent pests.

This growing method was first created in the first half of the 20th century as a way to study a plant’s root system. Initially created only for research, aeroponics has since become a popular way to cultivate cannabis clones and plants.


To set up the aeroponic machine:

Aeroponic growing systems use a water-tight chamber that has multiple misters in it. Also known as “cloner,” you can buy these ready-made or build your own.

After taking a clone of a plant, you’ll need to put a foam collar around it—which holds the clone in place—and put it in the machine. Once all clones are in the machine, turn it on, and it will start misting the bottoms of your clones.

How to grow aeroponic weed step-by-step

In an aeroponics setup, cannabis plant roots are in full contact with oxygen at all times, helping roots thrive. Also, when nutrients are dissolved in water and directly applied, they will be more readily available for the plant to uptake.

Aeroponics also uses much less water compared to regular soil growing as water not taken in by plants is recycled.