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tropicana banana seeds

It is a highly vigorous plant that can produce some stunning yields in more experienced hands. Indoor growers should see plants reach about 110 cm. tall and yielding up to 700 gr/m2 in 65 – 70 days of flowering. Outdoors, it does best where conditions remain good until near the end of October when it will be fully mature and ready for harvest. Yields can be as high as 2000 gr/plant.

Could Tropicanna Banana possibly be the Holy Grail of cannabis strains ? With high production values, loads of THC-packed resin, sweet fruity scent and taste, resistance to various fungi and spider mites, and ease of cultivation, it certainly has a very good claim to that title. This Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is right up there with the very best. This 60% sativa strain was bred by crossing Tropicanna (GSC x Tangie) with Banana Kush.

The scent of Tropicanna Banana is of sweet tropical fruit underpinned by an earthy quality. Its taste is of tropical fruit and banana and is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Masses of sparkling trichomes produce resin with a THC level of between 22 – 25% giving an uplifting and invigorating effect that is likely to have therapeutic uses.

How Tropicanna Banana Grows

Tropicanna Banana Taste, Smell, and Effect

Tropicana banana seeds

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