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truffle butter seeds

Truffle butter seeds


Pure Sativa Old School
Big plants

Light dep, and mixed light extreme performer! This is the greenhouse and indoor King! Got her name from the creamy chocolate flavor like an artisanal chocolate truffle! Gets Dark Purple and finishes fast! 7-8 weeks indoors

This is a bit of a sensitive lady. She will produce arm-long buds with the right treatment. Make sure your room/tent is ventilated properly day and night. Try to grow at 25/26 oC constantly. An air conditioning unit will be the ticket to success in hot climates. Excessive temperature swings will make her shoot out thin useless branches that produce tiny buds and can be slow to ripen. The Old School Haze won’t be much fun for the average grower.

Plus 3 Free Pineapple Poison Fem Seeds

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

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Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

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12 – 14 Weeks flowering period
Pure Sativa
Medium/Big plants

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Purple Caper Seeds is a famous cannabis seed bank that has been in operation as a breeder for over 20 years. This is impressive that they have been able to grow so much for more than twenty years. Seed City respects the pride the breeders at Purple Caper Seeds put into their products by incorporating methods that reduce humidity, ensure genetics and preserve lifespans. They are based out of sunny California and are known for creating the funkiest of cannabis seeds. If truffle butter hasn’t convinced you that they are innovators, check out their Chocolate Snow and White Grape marjiuana seeds.

While it may sound odd to some, this truffle butter cannabis seed strain is beloved by many cannabis seed banks. Known for its lightness and airiness, just like actual truffle butter! The genetics combined for this marijuana seed is fruity Gelato 45 and deep, sweet Chocolate Kush. This is a regular seed meaning it has not been genetically modified to have female genetics.

At Seed City, they are driven to give consumers the highest preserved marijuana seeds to add to their collection. Featuring cannabis seed banks that focus on genetic preservation and temperature regulations ensures their sites only feature the best of seeds. They were founded in 2010 out of the United Kingdom as a small group with a passion for cannabis seeds and have now grown to be a leading retailer in the global market of collectors. They are highly dependable and received top ratings on TrustPilot. Consumer testimonials love how easy it is to shop for seeds for their collections. With the ability to choose from seed strains, types, and sizes, there is something for everyone.

Purple Caper Seeds

Truffle Butter Cannabis Seeds from Purple Caper Seeds