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twised frozay seeds

Every once in a while you come across those weird strains. Never heard of it, never heard of the genetics. It can be a gamble to get exactly what you’re looking for or learn what you’re not especially when there’s not much of an option at the moment. As intriguing as the genetics on this are, it’s got a familiar feel and flavor profile to it.

I’m very proud of myself being able to identify this strains terpene profile without much research again, this is truly an odd strain. It’s dominant terpenes are limonene and pinene first, with some terpinoline on the backend. Terpinoline for those wondering is responsible for the gassy and heavy smells in most strains, also found in cloves and more aggressive spices. The citrus and almond hit first along with that pungent honey sweetness after (terpinoline). This coats your mouth with a pleasant flavor that reminds me of the feeling of eating a great breakfast stoned at 7 AM. Nuts and fruits dominate this strain, definitely a trail mix of flavors. It has a very smooth smoke

Upon first opening this I was really happy with the way it looked, fresh and soft. It’s got a very reactive live badder structure; stick a tool in and try to take it out, it’s gonna leave a trail making you have to twist and roll the dab tool to cut it. This is a tricky strain because it doesn’t seem to be the most pungent but letting it sit out really brought out a citrusy almond and honey smell. Not too strong, but you can tell it’s terpy.

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