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using cfl lights to grow weed

Using cfl lights to grow weed

Ideally, you want 100 watts per square foot.

Actual Watts Or Equivalent Watts?

You’ll need to do a little (very simple) math on your own, but together, we can figure out exactly how many CFL bulbs you need to light your garden.

How Many CFLs For One Plant

If you plan on using only CFL bulbs for your entire grow from seedling to flower, it would be best not to build the space too big. 2’x2′ or 3’x3′ wide maximum, but give yourself enough height to work with as well, to be able to get in there and adjust things as necessary. And you will still need room above for a carbon filter and extraction fan. IMO, CFL’s work great in smaller spaces because the penetration into the canopy isn’t much more than 6-8 inches. In a smaller area you can hang them around the plant, completely surrounding it. You can overlap them and the lumens become much more intense with reflective material along the walls. IMO the CFL bulbs that they sell at hydroponic stores are over priced and you are better off sourcing them yourself online, Take your time and look around because you can still find the larger CFL bulbs online at stores like Home, they sell 65 watt 2700k bulbs for the flowering stage and even larger 100+ watt 6500k bulbs for veg. You can also find 80-125 watt 6500k CFL photography bulbs on Amazon as well. (They work great and give off almost no heat) The wattage I speak of is TRUE WATTAGE, NOT THE EQUIVALENT. You could hang four 65 watt bulbs over the top of a plant using a Y splitter and then add 2 more Y splitters to that creating a 4 way chandelier over the top of the plant. You could then hang 8 medium sized 40 watt bulbs on Y splitters (2 bulbs on Y splitters around each side of the plant) about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the canopy. That would be 580 true watts of light, with way less heat output than a 400 watt HPS. Just remember watt for watt, the electricity will still cost the same, also if the larger wattage CFL bulbs are placed too close, the plant can suffer from light stress. so you will have to adjust the distance from time to time. You really have to be creative on how to hang them and please be careful and don’t overload any power strips and make sure to have everything securely hung. I have found that topping the plant for 4 colas and using low stress training to open up the center works best with CFL’s. I have grown countless plants from start to finish using nothing but CFL’s. It is important to use the correct kelvin temperature for each stage. As long as you use a decent extraction fan, you should not have problems with heat. I have since moved on to HPS/metal halide lighting for the sake of simplicity, but I now have to struggle with heat. So in the summer I still grow with CFL bulbs in my small 2’x2’x5′ tent and in the winter I use my larger 3’x3’tent with the HPS and metal halide systems.Good luck!

Using cfl lights to grow weed

Your marijuana can’t get really get too much light from CFLs and the only thing you need to worry about with the CFLs is burning your plants if they get too close.

I usually stop feeding my cannabis nutrients and start feeding them water when about 75% of all the pistils (hairs) have turned dark and started curling in towards the buds.

Personally, for me, adjusting the lights was one of the most fun parts of growing marijuana using this method because it gave me something to do while I was hanging out in my grow room.

This will greatly help reduce the amount of salt buildup and prevent nutrition problems from occurring. If your marijuana shows signs of drooping, chances are you are over or under-watering.

Water your pot with coco coir thoroughly until water drains out the bottom before adding your seeds or clones.

It can be hard to decide what you want to do for you first grow, and this is a really cheap yet effective way to get started with growing and get good results.

As I said before, make sure to feed your marijuana plant with plain, pH’ed water every other watering.

Once you have everything set up as described, simply add your marijuana seeds or clones and set up your lights so that they’re about 4 inches away to start.