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vortex seeds

Vortex seeds

Outdoors the same thing kind of happens as indoors – it’s a great choice if you’re looking to harvest an intense sativa effect without having to wait forever for it to flower – it should be ready towards mid-September, avoiding the wind and rain that tends to surface during October – it may be one of the fastest hybrid sativas on the market. You don’t need to be an expert either; by simply using a decent training system to make sure it stays sturdy and a quality, regular feeding schedule, you should be able to harvest around 700-800g per plant – make sure to use preventive products for insect and fungi infestations.

Vortex Regular by Subcool The Dank is one of the best sativas by Subcool, and if you’re into energetic strains you’ll love this one. In order to create this strain, two plants were used; an Apollo 13 (p75 x Genius) by the Grimm brothers, and the other is a well-known Space Queen male called Space Dude which Subcool used quite a lot to develop and stabilize new strains. The resulting strain is sativa-dominant and has quite a short flowering period, which is just 8 weeks long. Its sativa genes are very clear when it comes to the shape and size of its flowers and the thin trichomes that it develops – it’s also pretty apparent in the high, which is activating and energetic.

Vortex Regular is a sativa-dominant strain that comes from a cross between Apollo 13 and Space Queen (Space Dude), which produces mature flowers after just 50 bloom days. Its effect is immediate, psychoactive and invigorating.

If you want to grow a strain that produces sativa effects indoors, Vortrex is a great way to get it done without worrying about height; it doesn’t grow too fast and it doesn’t grow that tall at all, although if given enough root space and head space, it can grow just as large as any other plant. This strain needs to be trained if you want it to be able to deal with how hefty its flowers get, which grow all over the plant up and down. We recommend using fast-absorbing nutrients due to its short flowering period in order to increase yield per square meter – which can be over 450g. It should be ready to harvest after 50 flowering days.

Vortex Regular by SubCool The Dank outdoors

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This strain is capable of producing intense effects just seconds after consuming it, and it’s generally quite energetic, active and mental. Its effect can be quite long-lasting and it may be too intense for those that aren’t used to smoking cannabis. In as far as its aromas and flavors, it’s deliciously citric and produces a deliciously sweet combination of mango-like flavors.

Vortex Regular by Subcool The Dank indoors

If you don’t get lost in your high, you may get lost in the sweet aroma of mango and citrus fruits that perfume the smoke of Vortex cannabis. The flavor is similar to the aroma, sweet and fruity, with a taste of lemon that lingers long after the smoke has cleared.

Get swept away into happiness with Vortex marijuana. Developed with recreational consumption in mind, Vortex cannabis may not contain the highest levels of THC (it can top out at 20%), but it its unique characteristics combine for a cerebral high that comes with a boost of energy and creative thought.

Allow yourself to be swept up by sweetly fragrant Vortex, a sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts up to 20% THC.

Arguably, Vortex marijuana was developed with recreational use in mind (it had the honor of “Best Sativa” bestowed upon it at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup), and though many consumers enjoy the blissful euphoria that comes along with its aromatic smoke, it can easily become overwhelming – Vortex cannabis is not for beginners, and it should go without saying that patients looking to treat mental health conditions like anxiety and stress should steer clear of this strain, lest they make their symptoms worse.


Encouraging strong, healthy plants that produce the dense nugs covered in burnt orange pistils you covet will require work and dedication. For this reason, we recommend Vortex to our master gardening customers. This strain is better suited to an indoor environment where conditions can be carefully monitored, and it has proven highly adaptable to Screen of Green. Given 7-8 weeks of flowering, you will be able to harvest a below-average yield, though using the above-mentioned methods may help net you an ounce or so more of pot that’s pure fun.