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weed grow calendar

Weed grow calendar

During the second week of the vegetative stage, you can begin to turn on all of the lights you will be using. You can also bring the lights closer to the canopy (about 20 inches above the plants). Just make sure your plants will not get burned.

Week 2

Optimal indoor garden conditions during the vegetative stage:

Vegetative Stage

Because of the flush, you may notice your leaves begin to turn yellow and wither away while your flower buds get all the focus and get bigger. This is normal and is a symptom of nitrogen deficiency, a normal part of the flowering stage during the flushing process.

Weed grow calendar

Photo by: Damien Robertson/Weedmaps

What is weed season?

In cooler climates, growers should wait on putting plants in the ground until there is no danger of overnight frost, and plenty of sunshine. As Bill Cook, master grower at Kanna-Wise eloquently put it, “a heavy freeze is killin’ your trees.” An old gardener’s rule of thumb is to move plants outside after Mother’s Day, and they should definitely be outside and/or in the ground by the Summer Solstice.

Spring to early summer: seedling stage

Speaking of life cycles, let’s talk about the plant’s stages of growth and development. This is where we see the importance of timing once more, since outdoor cannabis growers try to map out the growing season and find the sweet spot for optimal plant development.