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weed growing discord

The bot can be set to private or public mode. Compete to users only in the Discord server or globally to all that have their bot on public.

Add a fun Weed Farming game Discord Bot to your server. Rank in the global or prive leaderboard and fame as the best.

I update the bot with extra features once in a while. I don’t have a static update plan and i don’t accept feature request that are time based but if you have ideas, just let me know.


You can level your farm, this will make you rise in the leaderboard. When you level your farm your farm is set back to starting stage.

As your farm grows, you can upgrade it. When you upgrade your farm, the growing time will me shorter and your plants lifetime will be extended.

Your Own Farm

With this bot you everyone can open his own weed farm, add this bot as a fun extra to your Discord server.

This bot is developend and maintained by Knovosky, it’s 100% free and i’m planning to leave it like that. But you can donate to help me cover the hosting cost.

Weed growing discord

Feel free to open an issue with your bug report or feature request, with as many details as possible. If you’d like to write a feature, please open an issue first for discussion. For help with the bot, join my bot development server here:

☘ Weed Farming Discord Bot (game)

Can I self-host WeedFarming?

How do I report a bug or suggest a feature?

If you’d like to add WeedFarming to your server, use the following link:

Self-hosting your own copy of this bot is not supported; the source code is provided here so users and other bot developers can see how the bot functions. No help will be provided for editing, compiling, or building any code in this repository, and any changes must be documented as per the license