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weed growing games for pc

Weed growing games for pc

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Your activities will also attract the attention of the police, who’ll periodically barge into your basement and even seize your supply if you’re running your business flagrantly. Vile Monarch also says that you’ll even be able to set up meetings with senators and other influential politicians when your profile grows, and you’ll be able to work together to change or implement new marijuana laws.

Devolver Digital and developer Vile Monarch (the studio behind Oh. Sir: The Insult Simulator) have announced Weedcraft Inc., a new simulation game coming to PC via Steam in 2019. Billed as “the burgeoning legal pot industry‚Äôs first fully fledged tycoon game,” Weedcraft Inc. allows players to cultivate their own weed empire, from growing different strains of bud to distributing it and, ultimately, trying to change the country’s perception of the plant.

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