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weed growing kit canada

Weed growing kit canada

Since this is a complete kit, the price is significantly higher than the others. It’s up to you to decide whether the convenience factor makes up for the high price tag, but in our opinion, it does. You’ll just have to buy grow room odds and ends like pots, grow medium, and timers.

For choosing the best overall grow kit, we’ve kept all of the buying considerations in mind like budget, light type, included components. On top of that, we’ve chosen a kit that ranks high in quality and durability, and there’s one that rules all.

If you’re like us and you’re all about making your medical grow op as easy as possible, you’ll love everything about indoor grow kits. The best grow kits include everything you’ll need to make your grow op a success – even simple pieces of equipment like pots and measuring tools.

It really depends on which one you buy, but most complete grow kits are just that… Complete. Take the Complete Grow Kit from Indo as an example. It comes with everything you could possibly need to grow a few plants.

PrimeGarden Hydroponic Grow Kit

You can grow four high-quality cannabis plants with these ergonomic kits. This kit will give you a good yield for your personal use and can be used to grow auto-flowering plants. You could stagger your harvests, so you have fresh buds all year. The tent is nearly twice as large as the 1-plant and 2-plant kits but has a stronger light and a larger coverage area that can accommodate up to four plants.

It’s often thought that grow kits are specifically meant for beginner growers. Sure, kits make the process a whole lot easier for those new to growing, but even the pros turn to complete kits since they’re a great solution for seeds and clones.

Ever since the Cannabis Act came into effect, more and more Canadians have been testing their green thumbs with cannabis cultivation. Recreational growers have to cap their plant count at 4, which is why so many medical patients apply for higher plant counts with the ACMPR.

BloomGrow 800W LED + 4×4 Tent

On top of that, some growers feel that investing in indoor grow kits is the lazy way of doing things, but it’s actually a really smart investment. As long as you do your research and choose a high-quality kit that meets your tent size/light type and wattage needs, we say go for it.

Would you like an ACMPR medical license to grow up to 500 plants at home?

Weed growing kit canada

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