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weed growing supply store

The type of hydroponic grow system you choose determines the type of media used, such as clay pebbles, coco fiber and rockwool. Instead of using soil as a medium to hold the roots, you can use an inert medium, something that does not have the quality problems found with ordinary soil. These are excellent substrates and provide a buffer of nutrient solution and oxygen in the root zone, promoting healthy root growth.

RainMakers Supply offers all the growing supplies needed to get started such as hydroponic grow tents, lighting, containers, nutrients, pest control, fans and more. Check out our large selection of quality grow equipment and ask one of our growing experts for guidance in choosing the best hydroponic grow equipment for you.

Hydroponic Growing Techniques

Aquaponics – Aquaponics is a combination of two traditional techniques, hydroponics & aquaculture. The concept of aquaponics is based around the idea of raising fish and growing plants together in one integrated and soil-less system.

Hydroponic Growing Supplies

We offer a huge selection of products and supplies to get your grow on. Don’t see something you need? Give us a call today to learn more about what we carry in stock.

Weed growing supply store

Friendly knowledgable staff always willing to answer question or give suggestions!

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They always have what you need.

They had everything I needed at a reasonable price.

The grow store is good for soils and the potting supplies that you’ll need, however when it comes to their electronics . they do not stand behind them. I bought a simple power strip/ surge protector for around $23.00. Well the on and off switch broke from within and so I brought it back to them after only 2 weeks after purchase. So I showed them the power strip and that the actual on and off switch had broke from within. So they sent it back to the manufacturer for credit. So after a month of waiting I was contacted back and was told that the manufacturer would not replace it because now it had a crack on the power strip! It was brand new and hanging up in my grow tent, not on the floor but hanging up. Brand New! It mysteriously developed a crack too! So I asked if the actual store was going to replace it or give me a store credit, and the answer was no. So please DO NOT EXPECT them to stand behind their electronics. I have found another store to shop at now to get what I need and they will match any price to boot. It’s a shame they lost my future business over a $23.00 power strip. And I will no longer recommend them to any of my friends or fellow growers!I am not angry or upset so please know what I tell you is the truth! I just don’t tolerate bad business or stores that don’t stand behind their products and say there was a crack when their wasn’t just a bad on and off switch. read more

This is the best grow place in Traverse City great staff the answer all the questions they don’t hide the price and . tell you one thing and charge you another and Paul is a great guy. read more

Helpful and has what you need

I went in for Boveda packs for storage of my herbs, I came out with Boveda packs and new found knowledge for my grow . tent. This store has what you need for your grow tent. And the people working there are friendly and very knowledgeable about growing things. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the staff. I like to grow using the super soils they have, I don’t have to worry about adding fertilizer, it’s a one and done growing medium, just add water. read more