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weed growing systems for sale

The “plug n’ plant” home growing system from Leaf makes growing your own weed a virtually effortless affair. It’s a self-contained system consisting of 4′ x 2′ box that fits two plants & yields 4-5 ounces of weed per harvest. It automatically monitors everything: light, ventilation, nutrient levels and soil pH ensuring quality cannabis. Refillable nutrient cartridges will cost about $150 per grow but the yield will offset the initial & recurring costs almost instantly.

Weed growing systems for sale

Whether you are looking for an indoor grow kit to start a new crop from scratch or finish off a batch of maturing plants, a Vivosun reflective Mylar grow tent kit can provide the perfect solution for creating your own private hydroponic grow room at home.

For decades, these types of indoor grow-outs were limited to those with the substantial financial resources necessary to undertake this once expensive and complicated option for Cannabis cultivation.

Perfect for strain moderation.

1. Budgrower Indoor Grow Tent Kit

There have even been reports that some of them have gone to the lengths of posting fake, negative online reviews of Vivosun grow tent kits to help revive their own sales numbers.

Advanced Cannabis growers may select these weed growing kits as an option because of their compact convenience.

What Is a Cannabis Grow Kit?

Vivosun has years of experience in the indoor grow tent market, manufacturing and selling high-quality tents and growing accessories at reasonable prices.

Having a much lower price point is one of the primary reasons why their grow tents have been embraced by throngs of novice growers who possess an ardent passion for Cannabis growing but may not have the experience or money necessary to grow weed on a larger scale.