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weed led grow lights for sale

Weed led grow lights for sale

Pic by Joe “Nunyabiz” Nunya, an avid LED grower who uses ViparSpectra LEDs

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I hadn’t heard of them until relatively recently (it seemingly started becoming very popular around late 2016 or early 2017).

1.) Spread Style

I grew these cannabis plants under an HLG 300 V2 R-Spec LED grow light (view the grow journal). The 300L is the same light but longer (where the “L” comes from) to improve light coverage and they also added a spiffy red border.

Weed led grow lights for sale

Compared to the 1,150-1,200 watt traditional Double-ended HPS lamps our products use 50% less energy and 70% less HVAC, dramatically impacting the operating costs. In addition, our lights are maintenance free and don’t require purchases and change-out of bulbs, reflectors or ballasts. Did you know that over the course of 5 years an HPS bulb uses over $1,800 in maintenance costs? Our LED grow lights don’t require any maintenance and are warrantied from any defects for 5 years and we guarantee our light output degradation with certified data guaranteeing your LED output. Don’t be a victim of LED grow lights that will fail you.

We are a company of growers for growers and we want you to improve your growing capabilities, we work continuously to get better by creating more efficient LED grow lights as technologies evolve and maximizing the opportunities for our client’s success. One of our greatest offerings is to offer upgradeable grow lights! This saves our commercial indoor gardening customers huge amounts of money by offering them an upgrade option whenever we launch a new light engine that is more efficient or outputs more light for the same power of the existing lamps. You can upgrade your Spectrum King LED lights for a fraction of the cost of a new light. Let us explain: Say you bought a $1,400 grow light only to have a newer 30% more light output and more efficient grow light hit the market 1-2 years later; it becomes a heavy expense and not a sensible on a financial level to replace all your lights. Spectrum King makes the LED arrays backwards compatible so the newer technology can work in your previous purchased lamps at a fraction of a cost. The upgrade can happen on site or at our facility.


Spectrum King LEDs are certified and tested by different third-party laboratories. We have verified LM79 & LM80 Data from Accredited labs certified by the Department of Energy to guarantee the performance of our fixtures.

As a commercial grower, you want as much control over your lights and the ability to scale up. We offer lighting controllers with that can be daisy chained from 2 – 20,000 lights. Our controllers use a simple USB connection with and an easy interface designed to allow users to create a simple overview of their entire operation and full control their lights.

Scalability & Upgradability

After all, the last thing any person wants is an investment into an LED grow light only to have that LED output 50% of its original light in 1-5 years. LED are meant to last, and so the thermal design and construction is very crucial.