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weed tech seed to sale software

Weed tech seed to sale software

Key Integrations: Metrc, QuickBooks, Xero, Flowhub, Meadow, Onfleet

Aside from the efficiency and compliance benefits of these products, they’re also just kind of cool and fun to use (at least if you’re data and chart nerds like us), especially compared to basic spreadsheet software

Transfers – track deliveries between locations or with other organizations

Key Integrations: Metrc, Leaf Data, I Heart Jane, dutchie, QuickBooks


Marketing focus: trusted by top brands

Started: 2018

Key Integrations: Metrc, Leaf Data, Simplifiya, I Heart Jane, dutchie, QuickBooks, Leafly, Weedmaps, SAP ECC, NetSuite, Sage

The Default Option: Metrc, Leaf Data, or the Government Version of BioTrack

Note: we won’t be including cultivation/grow-only software like TryM in this overview, but hope to cover them in a separate follow-up article.

Marketing emphasis: industry experience

Weed tech seed to sale software

This mobile integration feature can also be maximized as a tool to regularly monitor the purchase limits of the customers. This ensures that the business is running in concurrence with the law and the customers are fully protected.

These conditions open the need for a technology infrastructure capable of catering the necessities in the industry. Aside from this, the said infrastructure should also have a support for a comprehensive multi-stage cannabis cultivation and operation process. These attributes monitor not only the landscape of the legal requirements and the steps taken by the cannabis entrepreneurs but, more importantly, the crop plantation and its entire lifecycle and processes.

Softwares that can customize ventures and has a single point interface POS system is a gem in the weed industry. This is beneficial for cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, as well as government agencies. Some seed to sale software is equipped with cultivation grid feature. This allows clients, specifically cannabis cultivators, to track the genealogy of the crops, monitor and draw yield forecast from the available data, and use the findings as tactical leverage for optimal growth.

Aside from this, the tracking feature is also advantageous for the members of the regulatory agencies. It provides them the overall landscape of the cannabis production process. It also offers vital insights to the program’s capabilities such as ensuring compliance, enforcement of laws and regulations, tax collections, product verification and quality assurance, and prevention of felonious activities .

Do cultivators need more to ensure business success?

Of all the legal requirements, compliance placed a heavy emphasis on crop accounting. This requires cannabis entrepreneurs to number their produce by batches and log all relevant information about the crops that are germinated and cloned. Those that perished and disposed of should also be accounted for in the records.

This commercial progress set cannabis seed to sale software as a vital necessity for those engaged in the weed industries. It provides stakeholders with the ability to navigate the landscape surrounding the business and its day to day fluctuations. It also equips and capacitates them with tools essential in efficiently tracking the weed industry, including the government rules and legislations surrounding the trade.

Years of concrete experience and good grasp of business intelligence is required in order to have a sound advise. These insights equip entrepreneurs with knowledge and awareness pertaining to the best operation practices in the industry.

Seed to sale software for cannabis dispensaries

All-in-one platforms has a built-in CRM in its POS that enable cannabis stakeholders to constantly monitor their product inventory as well as manage their marketing campaigns. It also bolsters the company’s efficiency and productivity. Above all, it helps ensure business to remain compliant to the laws and legislation surrounding the trade, especially in an erratic and highly volatile environment.

For companies that primordially value profit, growth, and stability, a seed to sale software coupled with consulting services from the providers is highly recommended. These providers centralize the company’s control and connect its program system with API integration . Furthermore, they also provide assistance to clients, especially in developing the blueprint for their company’s ROI, forecasting cannabis yield, and defining the strategies that will capture the market.