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weed with lantern shaped seed pod

Weed with lantern shaped seed pod

Your plant could be a ground cherry, but the seed pod looks very much like Nicandra physaloides – or Shoo Fly Plant. If it is an upright, rather attractive plant with blue flowers – don’t eat it. It is probably nicandra.

Yes, but they are only the size of a pea.

Perhaps it could be a type of tomatillo, it looks very much like the ones that I have planted in my garden. Even the leaves and the sprawling growth habit is very similar. ( I think that the tomatillo is closely related to the ground cherry.)

So, you can eat them? These seem to stay green, the balloon part and the seed (except when it matures).

No it wasn’t flowers like that. I really can’t remember, must have not been too eye-catching or I would have been repotting that sucker in its own pot.

looks like a tomatillo. Green fruit inside right?

According to the link above all three are edible. The fruit and flower description tells you which is which and what it should taste like.

GAGirl, they are all related. tomatillo (husk tomato) chinese lantern and ground cherry are all members of the genus Physalis

I don’t know which species of Physalis it is, but the fruit of most of the wild species are poisonous (when green). You might not want to eat it unless you are certain of the ID.

Weed with lantern shaped seed pod

Either I blinded him with the flash or he is confident in himself to pose for pictures.

Allowing me to take more pictures.

On my recent trip around the farm, I noticed how the flowers have begun to change.

The succulents bloom in the summer, then the flowers begin to change colors.

When he got tired of posing, he crawled around and under the flower. I couldn’t get a good picture of that. Darn it!

When I started taking pictures, he stopped, backed out of the flower and looked at me and stayed there for a remarkable amount of time.

I began taking pictures of these succulent flowers when this little guy flew in and dove head first into the flowers. He must’ve been hungry!

This is a weed, no idea what it’s called. The lantern-like pods are interesting.