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weeds growing between pavers

Weeds growing between pavers

For the best results, spray any weeds at noon, when the sun is at its highest.

This depends on the hardiness of the weed, however, as you may not see results for 24 hours.

The Sun will help to dry out the weeds once the mixture hits them.


Another method for quickly removing weeds between paving stones is to use baking soda.

All you need to do is generously sprinkle baking soda over the paving stones which have the offending weeds.

One such method involves white vinegar, which can be spritzed over the offending weeds.

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Weedkiller: Adding in salt and washing up liquid will tackle the weeds quickly, with results potentially seen within an hour (Image: GETTY)

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Weeds growing between pavers

FINAL SCORE: Laura 1, Weeds 0.

    Salt. Applying salt to weeds between pavers sounds green and simple. However, heavy rainfalls have a way of spreading this substance from paved areas to the surrounding soil. And Gardening 101 says salt kills all vegetation, not just the kind you don’t want.

Treat extra-large areas

Treating an extra-large paver-ed area with a kettle of freshly boiled water might not be practical. Instead, try pressure washing. Hot water works best. To avoid harming your pavers, follow manufacturer’s directions and start with a low pressure.

Results were very satisfactory (check out my photos!). The weeds immediately lost their oomph. An hour after treatment, they were seriously droopy. And by the next day, they’d become so dry and shriveled I could just sweep them away with a broom.

Methods I rejected

What I actually used – with great results

What’s growing between your pavers: weeds, moss, even tiny trees? If you answer “all of the above,” you’re in the same boat as I was until recently. Seemed like my patio was more vegetation than bricks and I wanted to fix it … fast.